First ever opportunity to see the new collaborative series, exclusive for DYNAMITE GALLERY! "Iva Troj Features..." Masakazu Yamashiro, Casette Lord, Justyna Neryng, Greg Gilbert, Andrew Victor Stock, Shizuku Rumi and Seiko Kato.

Originals / Hybrid Paintings / Collectable Prints / Drawings / Posters

Some of the artists featured in the show are:

Greg Gilbert

Delays frontman Greg Gilbert has been drawing all his life. When I first met him we were sharing a space at the Affordable Art Fair in London. I couldn't stop looking at his drawings. Much of his current work is intricate ink drawings of old family photos and there is a sense that Greg is trying to capture and preserve his family and collective memories of them, before they are lost.

“I feel like a butterfly collector. I’m trying to pin those things down before they drift off, because everything’s changing so much.”

Many of Greg’s current pieces are incredibly detailed miniatures drawn in Biro that are a collage of photos, linked with string – “creating visual equations”. Most people recognize Greg's Biro miniatures, but he is also known for his beautiful paintings. He debuted his painting with a series of portraits at his Southampton City Art Gallery show. According to the artist, they were inspired by Howard Hodgson and Frank Auerbach. But what makes them intriguing is that unique view of the world that is so typical of everything Greg does. More on Greg and his art: here.

Cassette Lord

Brighton based street artist Martin Middleton, aka Cassette Lord needs no presentation, as he is well-known throughout UK for his bright, bold and surreal stencil work.

The Cassette Lord’s work has been one of the most talked about things in Brighton in recent years, and deservedly so as he has transformed the city bit by bit, or more accurately, casette by casette. He describes his style as retro, "all my artwork, even the freestyle pieces, all of them reference objects, shapes and things people recognise from their childhood". Casette Lord on Facebook: here.

Justyna Neryng

The Justyna Neryng collaboration started as part of the Dynamite Gallery series, but evolved into something beyond the initial idea. Justyna Neryng is a multi-award winning fine art photographer from Poland. Perhaps the most evocative of her works are her exquisitely emotive self-portraits that seem to carry the dark spirit of the forest from her childhood as well as potently baring the scars of modern womanhood. More information about Justyna Neryng: here.

Masakazu Yamashiro

Masakazu Yamashiro is a Japanese graphic artist who was born in Kyoto. His art has been described as "psychedelic" and even "somewhat diabolical". He is inspired by "all the beautiful things that he has seen in his life, such as music, films or video games". These include Silent Hill 2(video game from Konami), comic Hiroakiego Samury Mugen no Juunin and landscapes, such as the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto in Japan, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Kowloon Walled City in Kowloon, and musicians Kugutsu uta Kenji Kawai. His works are based on manually retouched 3D models and reflect "individual thoughts or intentions". More information about Masakazu: here.

Andrew Victor Stock

After studying Art Foundation at the Kent Institute of Art and Design (Maidstone) and Fine Art Degree at Brighton University, Andrew spent a large part of of his time making electronic music and touring around Europe and America with the band Inertia and previously the band Swarf.

In the last few years Andrew has returned to his first love - drawing. His charcoal drawings look almost 3D as he explores the fragile relationship between darkness and light. His current solo exhibition at JunkYard Dogs in Brighton, UK, is comprised mostly of life drawings created at the many drawing sessions around Brighton.

I became somewhat fascinated with Andrew's portraits. Most charcoal drawings remain on the surface, but Andrew's are so bold, beautiful and uncompromising, that it looks like the charcoal has been etched in the paper.

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